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Kristin James

This article is very very skewed, and is just another example of a Hillary supporter applying insanely high scrutiny to Bernie, that they’d never ever apply to Hillary.

First, it puts a lot of words, statements and accusations that Bernie never made. He never said he’s the only moral person in all of congress, that’s ridiculous.

Example — 1994 crime bill. Hillary touted the part about being tough on crime. Yes, Bernie voted for it, but he also vehemently fought against the “tough on crime” measures of the bill (and voted for the bill because it protected women from domestic violence and other things).

She refers back to Dodd Frank, and says that means Wall Street donations don’t affect the Dems policy. Which is also incredibly, incredibly naive. Dodd Frank is a joke and isn’t really doing anything.

She says Sanders is lying about the big oil $$$ issue, saying Hillary has only received 300k from them, but ignored the fact that her Super PAC has received over $2 million.

She says anything he mentions about her speaking fees is disingenuous. Well, if it’s 100% innocent, then why not release the transcripts and show everyone how stupid Bernie is for calling her out? And if giving speeches for millions of dollars is completely innocent, then why is it illegal for any serving member of the house or senate to take such money for speeches? Why does Hillary blast white noise through speakers at her closed door fundraisers so that reporters and the public can’t hear her speech?

She says Bernie doesn’t raise $$$ for down ballot Dems, and Hillary raises millions. Well, turns out the DNC’s “Hillary Victory Fund” is using most of the $$$ to support Hillary. (Notice if you see Hillary ads on facebook, they are “paid for by Hillary Victory Fund”. That’s supposed to be neutral DNC money or support down ballot Dems).

She says Bernie is attacking Hillary and Obama about the affordable health care… Well that’s a joke, he strongly supported it. Now he just wants to do something better.

She attacks him for running as a Democrat instead of being “authentic” and running as an independent. He ran as a Democrat bc he wants a Democrat in the White House. If he ran as an Independent, he would have split the votes and spoiled a Dem victory, so the fact that he’s attacked for this is absurd.

Ok, that’s all I’m going to address lol. But the bias in this is insane.

This was clearly written by a person who knew she’d support Hillary in the end no matter what, and so her mindset has just been meticulously collecting flaws and reasons to dislike and discredit Bernie, as he’s gained more popularity across the nation and is now pretty much statistically tied with her in the latest polls.

It’s honestly laughable that someone would call Sanders “devious” “disingenuous” “downright hateful” “hypocritical” “dangerous” and “dishonest” and staunchly support Hillary with a straight face.

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