We spend a lot of time talking to current and prospective institutional users of cryptocurrencies at Everbloom. While there is great interest in digital assets, we also hear about the roadblocks preventing institutions from adopting crypto in a big way. The rest of this post is an overview of the biggest roadblocks.

Some context first. Last November, I gave a talk on this topic titled “Roadblocks for Institutional Adoption of Crypto”. The video of the talk is on Youtube and the slides are on SlideShare. They are also embedded at the end of this post. This post is essentially a…

I am excited to announce a new chapter. After almost two years in the world of venture capital, I have started a new company along with my cofounder, Scott Pirrello. The company is Everbloom, and we are building a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. Read more about it at “Everbloom: Who, What, Why?”.

The last few years have been a long journey that lead to this. Scott and I have known each other for several years, but my interest in blockchain dates back to the Bitcoin paper in 2008/09. Even before that, I was researching decentralized networks, especially in the realm of…

Summary: this post focuses on the Investor Bulletin and Report of Investigation issued by the SEC in late July. I examine the meaning of the report, implications for ICOs, and thoughts for moving forward. Disclaimer: this is not investment advice, and I am not a lawyer.

Two weeks ago, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) provided us with two pieces voicing their take on Initial Coin Offerings.

The first was the Investor Bulletin: Initial Coin Offerings. This was largely an educational article warning investors of precautions and possible downsides of investing in ICOs.

The second was the Report of…

Funding companies with cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and its kin) is becoming a thing. Venture capital firms are taking notice and bringing with them a new level of rigor to the process. What is happening and what does this mean for VC?

In terms of introducing rigor, Union Square Ventures, AngelList, and others brought their weight to bear by launching Coinlist, a platform for pre-launch coin offerings. Fred Wilson from USV wrote about it in his blog post, Funding Friday: Coinlist.

In a more recent post, Fred talked about the impact ICOs will have on venture capital and recommends this post for…

AWS re:Invent is happening this week and already we saw awesome announcements happen in their keynote. Hopefully the recording is up soon. There were major announcements for AI, IoT, natural language processing, and big data. I’m excited to see what people do with the new services. Here are my highlights and thoughts.

AI & Language

  • Lex — a conversational bot framework and backend, essentially the backend for Amazon Alexa now offered as a service on AWS.
  • Rekognition — image recognition as a service powered by deep learning.
  • Polly — text to speech as a service

We are increasingly seeing the…

I’m excited to announce that as of October, I’ve joined Sigma Prime Ventures full time as Venture Partner. Sigma Prime is a venture capital firm based in Boston, and we do seed and Series A investments in promising startups. My role includes sourcing companies and refining Sigma’s mission and message as we look toward the future. If you have an innovative software or hardware startup, especially in promising areas such as AI, I encourage you to reach out to me and start a conversation.

It’s been quite the journey that brought me here. …

Andrew Rollins

Co-founder of @EverbloomHQ, VC at Sigma Prime Ventures, Co-founder of @Localytics, Software Engineer, @andrew311, http://www.andrewrollins.com

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