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The Link You Form In Other People’s Life

Photo by JJ Ying on Unsplash

We never know the sort of impact our encounter will be on someone… We are all on this earth together…we all breathe the same air…and all have limited time… Yet we can still be so cruel and evil towards one another. We share more in common with each other than we truly understand. With the #1 being we all suffer from pain. Whether past, current or future we all come into contact with pain.

How we treat one another in our daily interactions has a bigger ripple effect than we know. When we treat others harsh, rude or critical it becomes a link in someone's chain of life… We all become part of someone's life(link in their chain) through our daily interactions! Think about how crazy that is!

When we’re rude towards the barista because they messed up our coffee order. Or we yell at the customer service rep because our delivery was late and the project was supposed to be complete yesterday!

All of these seemingly small interactions we have make a lasting impact for the other parties involved. That barista worker you yelled at…Well her name is Abby, and her mom was just diagnosed with cancer a week ago. She is working her way through college and holding down two jobs just to make ends meet. She is struggling and in pain.. Because your $5 coffee was wrong you decide to yell, and complain and push her deeper into her pain. You see… you’ve successfully added another link in her chain of feeling unworthy, under appreciated, and meaningless.

The link we leave can be one of joy or one of pain…

Imagine a different interaction with Abby, one where we extended out grace? How would that of looked?

We should grow to encourage and lift others up and be links that bring wholeness not destruction.. Why? Because, we all suffer from deep wounds. Under our smiles there is always some form a pain.

Wouldn't it be nice to have people that go out of their way for you? To extend a hand, a smile, a hug, a dollar. We all have something give, no matter how small… But so much of the time we are more concerned with our own affairs… That we can miss what this life is truly about.. A poured out life -in the form of serving others!

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