The Arri Alexa LF

I recently finished a feature in India and wanted to describe my experience shooting with the Alexa LF over 35 days.

Honestly it was a breeze,very like shooting with the Alexa Plus/SXT and Alexa Mini. Sure its not as adaptable as the Mini, but as the Mini LF wasn’t out, there was no option.

I was shooting in temperatures up to 43C with around 100% humidity, and over the course of 35 12 hour days I only needed to restart the camera once, and that was only because the inbuilt wireless link was acting up and not giving a stable…

Its funny, the life of a commercial cinematographer. I’ve been working as a Lighting Cameraman (thats what we used to be called) since 1993, when I left a production company that I had been working with exclusively shooting commercials.

I’ve been in this industry for quite a long time, never reached the heady heights of international stardom but have forged a career working throughout the world for the past 28 years or so.

The work has taken me pretty much everywhere, from China to Iraq and from Canada to South Africa, Russia to Chile, I honestly don’t know how many…

Andrew Boulter

Cinematographer working worldwide since 1993

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