My cold call experience with Google

Sales guy : Hi my name is xyz, I am calling from Google to verify your website and make sure you are listed on Google Search.

Me: (I am thinking, maybe google is calling to verify my ad) Thanks for calling, how can I help.

Sales guy : We see that your company is not listed on page 1 in google (Now, I am thinking is this google ? Really? )

Me: Do you work for google ?

Sales guy : (Radio silence )… We are google partners and we can help you get listed on page 1 in google

Me: Thanks but no thanks. You might be the best but if you are ashamed to tell me the name of your company, I am not gonna work with you.

Cold calling is not easy, but being honest is. Sales guys might get some deals pulling this prank on vulnerable people. Does this help you advance in your career? Hell NO.

Connect with you prospects and you will never have to sell again.

Consultative sales always wins!!