For fun I recently built a small node app that displays all the current Github events for our team broken out by member. Above we can see the app running on one of my favorite public projects, Three JS. You can also see the app running live at here:

The app can be used on your repo with just a single line change! Full source and setup instructions here:


The app has several add ons to allow you to organize your team’s information a bit more simply.

Current Events

We can see in the example at the top of the…

One niche of computing I have always enjoyed is digital art and displays. I found an opportunity to make a new display to track incoming data into an API . Below I have prepared a short write up of how I took intermittent API calls and transformed them into an analytics display that mirrors real time data.

This program is simple enough to be written within a single html page with inline javascript. Not the best form, but it will get the job done with no overhead.

The general structure of the program is as follows:

  • Retrieve the current data…

As a fun project and a way to get familiar with the popular Raspberry Pi platform, I decided to build a real life display that can hang on the wall and be used to display various team metrics such as pageload speeds, burndown progress, achievement counts, etc. Below you will find a tutorial on how to make your own display as well as a link to all the code used to run the project.

I chose this project because microcontrollers can be a fun way to break out of the day to day programming patterns in web or systems projects…

I am a Phoenix / JS build noob and could not find a clear explanation of how to create single page JS for Phoenix anywhere online, so I decided to make this quick how to.

In this tutorial I will be working with Phoenix 1.3 and Brunch 2.10.9.

By default Phoenix is set up to use the Brunch build tool to assemble all of your JS in the /assets/js folder into a file at /priv/static/js/app.js. Files must be “imported” in the /assets/js/app.js file in order to make it into the final assembled version. …

Andrew Baker

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