This is very difficult to do, but I believe it’s important.
Casey Otto

Hey Casey — thank for your response. First of all, helping poor people and reducing inequality — sweet. Those are excellent things to have convictions about, if I may say so. Second, I definitely don’t agree that the best ideas come from compromise. I think what a lot of smart people agree with is that the best ideas often come from collaboration, as in collaborative thinking and problem-solving, which is very different.

Get a diverse set of thinkers around the table working on a hard, complex problem (like poverty and inequality, which are determined by a great many things) and give them all real opportunity to have their ideas cultivated, elicited and heard, and, yeah, you’re likely to get better ideas than any one person would have generated. But that’s a different thing from compromise, which implies a meeting-in-the-middle of fixed positions.

I wish you the best. We all do!