<QUOTE> Does a newborn pop out of the womb saying, “Hey, I’m Asian!
Pablo Wegesend

<QUOTE>You know the answer is no! You also know that much of those traits are inborn traits. You know that children are born to be prone to certain personalities.<QUOTE>

SOME *traits* are shaped more by “nature,” SOME more by “nurture,” and many by an interplay between the two.

In re kids and their racial attitudes, the crucial point you need to contend with is one I noted in my piece and in my first response to you: “it’s an especially terrible inference weighed against the tons of research evidence we have that particular biases are learned.” I linked to some of that research in the piece. My guess is that you’re not familiar with any of that work.

For whatever reason, you’re personally invested in the notion that some babies “are born to be more racially biased than others.” To support this claim you mention an anecdote you overheard about an Asian American baby who purportedly cried when s/he saw white faces. That’s like saying global warming must be a hoax because it was unseasonably cold last Wednesday.

“Science” isn’t a perfect discipline or practice. But when the preponderance of scientific evidence is on one side of an issue, as it is the case of when and how kids learn racial bias, we really ought to hold ourselves to a higher standard of rebuttal than reliance on a single second-hand anecdote that doesn’t clearly support the point you’re trying to make.