Papa Launches Virtual Companionship to Provide “Assistance from a Distance”

I founded Papa because I saw the value of companionship for older members of my own family. As we navigate our current moment, providing that face-to-face support may not be possible. Our team has been working on ways to assist older people and families — always our mission at Papa — even if it needs to look a little different for the foreseeable future.

In addition to our in-person companionship solution, Papa is now expanding our services to include virtual companionship to support older adults and families. Members typically receive the Papa service at no cost through health plans, employers, provider organizations, and social services organizations.

It is recommended to avoid public spaces and to socially distance, but older adults and families still need companionship and assistance. Many will have their loneliness and isolation pushed to extremes in coming weeks and months. Thus, Papa is launching Virtual Companionship to provide “assistance from a distance”. Among a range of remote services, the Pals will focus on important items such as:

Assistance from a Distance

  1. Papa Pals will be available anywhere, anytime to assist members virtually a range of life-sustaining advocacy interactions including assistance with groceries, help with medicine delivery, guidance with technology, and general hygiene and sterilization concepts to avoid unwanted contact with unclean surfaces.
  2. During virtual companionship visits, Papa Pals will support members by teaching them how to leverage available telehealth tools, virtual house call services, pharmacy benefit services and other benefits provided to them by their health plan, provider, or employer.

These are just some of the steps we are taking to support the community. Papa Pals are a conduit to essential resources, companionship and advocacy during this temporary emergency. We realize this time is challenging for all, but we must pay particular attention to the needs of the elderly, who are the most vulnerable in our society.

To learn more click “Assistance from a Distance” or call us at 1-888-508-6571. Stay safe and together we will get through this.


Founder & CEO

Papa, Inc.



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