Facebook Privacy Settings for Beginners

Did you know that 21% of online users have had an email or social media account hacked by someone without their permission? Are you aware that 12% of people are being harassed or stalked online? If you don’t want to fall under these undesirable statistics, then this blog post is for you. Webster defines the term privacy as the ability of an individual to experience freedom from unauthorized intrusion. In regards to the world wide web, privacy can be a pretty serious issue. There have been numerous occasions where massive corporations or famous individuals have been put at risk due to an unapproved breach of confidential information. This is why it is important for all online users to be aware of the different security settings on each network.

Regardless of which social media platform you are using, they all offer the ability to customize your privacy settings. For the purpose of this blog, I am going to be talking about Facebook and the different types of modifiable content that they offer. Although most people tend to overlook this portion of the website, I can assure you that toggling with this feature is one of the most important steps in preserving your online identity.

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Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. Below you will find tips on what a beginner would need to know in order to efficiently manage their Facebook content in a global community:

1) When I post something, how do I choose who can see it?

Arguably one of the most sought after questions when posting on Facebook. The answer to it is simple really; all you have to do is find the “audience selector” tool when sharing a status, photo or alternate post. Once found, click the arrow and choose who you want to share with. You will usually be given a few options including: Only me, Friends, Public or Custom. In respective order, these options will allow the post to be viewed only by the individual who posted it, by their friends, by everyone on Facebook or by a list of specific people.

2) How do I remove a tag from a photo or post I’m tagged in?

If you got too drunk at a party and posed half naked in a photo, then this tip is for you. This question is typically asked when someone is tagged in something they don’t like or don’t want anyone else seeing. In order to remove yourself from a post you’ve been tagged in, click the arrow at the top right of the post and click Remove Tag. If you would like to remove tags from several posts at once, then simply follow the steps in the photo below:

Source: Facebook Help Center

3) How do I control who can see my personal information on my profile?

If you are seeking full customization for your Facebook privacy, then look no further. In order to edit who can view your personal information, such as places you lived or your relationships, then click the About section below your cover photo. Once the next page pops up, you will have the ability to place your mouse over the information you want to make private. Once prompted, click Edit; then use the audience selector (like in tip 1) to choose who you want to share your information with.

4) How do I manage who can add me as a friend?

This tip may come in handy when someone is trying to fly under the radar (high school teacher) and may not want many people to find their profile. In order to customize this setting, Facebook users would have to click the dropdown menu in the top right of any page on the platform and choose Settings. Once there, they would have to select Privacy in the left column, followed by Edit, and then finally Who can send you friend requests? During this final stage they would need to repeat the aforementioned step of choosing their desired audience from the menu.

5) How do I manage my privacy settings and shortcuts?

This final tip acts as the bread and butter for modifying Facebook’s privacy settings and making your experience as safe as possible. Your privacy shortcuts are tools that grant you access to some of the most commonly used settings and tools. In order to access this page, you must click the Lock icon at the top of the page. Once clicking this button, you will be brought to a separate page that will act as the holy grail for all your privacy configuration needs. See the photo below for a list of all the options:

Source: Facebook Help Center

I hope this blog has informed you about online privacy and the ability to configure your settings on social media platforms such as Facebook. All these tips and more can be found on the website’s Settings & Tools page!

Stay safe web users,


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