In the beginning

Me on my 16th birthday

I’ve always been battling with my weight as far back as I can remember. at the age of around 16 I managed to hit around 16 stone. So when I was 17 years old, I thought enough was a enough. I manged to get down to around 11 stone by the time I was 17 and almost at the level I could consider myself an average weight for a 5,11" young male.

17 year old me

Then there was university, the calorific, booze led downfall in many young Brits lives. Luckily I went to university in Scarborough, which is basically massive hills by the sea. Also tried to keep my interest in running and going to the gym. Luckily I’ve always had an interest in food and cooking, so I’d use any given moment to cook something hearty rather than resort to the Rustler burger.

Fast track 3 years later and I started working full time. I manage to keep up my running, even entering the Bournemouth Bay 10km. However as the years passed, and the more hours I spent behind a desk, all my hard work from my teenage years was being undone by lunchtime baguettes, office doughnuts and weekend binge drinking.

Fast track another few years and I’m now living in London and decided to turn vegetarian around the age of 28. If you was to ask my friends if the BBQ loving, food fanatic glutton grazer decided to call it a day on meat, they wouldn’t believe you was talking about the same person.

Me with my old dog Travis

What started this change? At first I had no ‘beef’ with vegetarian alternatives, it wasn’t uncommon to find me making a veggie chili out of Quorn mince or a Thai green out of Quorn chicken. But the emotional reasoning happened when I started to read about the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China. As someone who loves dogs and growing up with them all my life, I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to torment and eat these beautiful animals. Then I started to think about farming and why that was any different, and then before you know it, I stopped eating meat.

1 Year on I somehow surrounded myself into a vegan social media echo chamber and it really got me thinking not just ethically, but nutritionally too.

So why is this relevant now?

I am no stranger to exercise, or eating a balanced diet, however my biggest problem is… I’m pretty lazy.

I don’t lay around in my bed all day on my days off, I’m happy to walk rather than drive, I will always try and take the stairs but like a lot of people I struggle to keep an exercise routine in my life I can stick too.

I’ve owned a FitBit for around 2 years and I’m usually smashing my 10,000 steps goal daily. The problem is making the most of my time.

So how do I plan to achieve my body goals ready for my wedding?

Working alongside the Flo team at the YMCA Club in Tottenham Court Road, they will put me on a program of:

  • Personal Training (Rich Allsop)
  • Beauty Treatment (Lyn Montaque)
  • Sports Massage (David Matthews)
  • Nutrition Workshop (Nick Owen)

The Flo team offer a balanced, unified approach to fitness and wellbeing along with a open view to veganism within training making these the perfect team for the job.

So, 2 months of selling my soul to gym, am I ready? In short, yes. Alongside the help of the Flo team and having a date to hit, it will give me light at the end of the tunnel.