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Mornings are my most productive time. My creativity peaks before 10 am. If I don’t start working until 8 am, that only leaves two hours of quality output.

And realistically, I won’t sit down to my desk until 8:30 am by the time I get my kids to school, fight traffic, park, and walk to my office. Now I’m down to less than two hours. Subtract the time I waste on emails I can’t resist sending and I’m down below an hour. There goes my creative time.

For me, getting up at 5 am translates into “me time” for my…

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I’ve helped build more than one hundred brands over the last fifteen years. I can boil all of that experience down into one tip for starting a successful business…

Only play games you can win.

Don’t compete against a market leader in their favorite game. They’ll crush you. Tilt the odds in your favor.

I’m not saying you should avoid competition. Actually, quite the opposite. Seek juicy markets, but give yourself an unfair advantage.

Every market has holes if you search hard enough. Find a problem that isn’t currently being solved by the market leaders. …

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“People don’t buy your why, they buy what you can do for them.”

I’ve never bought a product because a company told me their why. Have you? I don’t care about the company’s why. I care about my why.

Understanding that people buy things to solve problems is at the heart of owning a business you enjoy. You know, one that makes money and funds your life without making you cringe on Sunday nights. Unless you have an overwhelming “why” driving you to do something, I want you to put that to the side for the moment so you can…

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Sakichi Toyoda, the founder of Toyota, invented a technique called the 5 Whys to quickly get to the root of a problem. He came up with this brilliantly simple framework back in the ’30s, but it exploded onto the scene in the ’70s. Thousands of businesses around the world, including Toyota, still use the 5 Whys to this day.

Marketing is solving problems, so it’s not surprising you can use a similar approach to build a marketing plan. This nifty little trick will get to the root of what your company needs to grow—fast. I call this system the How…

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I put out a minimum of one article per week. I share posts on LinkedIn each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The Recipe (my weekly email) hits inboxes every Friday morning.

With the exception of our clients and the companies I mentor, those articles, posts, and emails are what form the perception of Special Sauce (aka our brand). That content is also where we draw most of our new business. I can directly point to writing as the source for 70% of our current clients.

Content marketing is the perfect blend of branding and marketing. There’s no better way to shape…

Customers evolve, competition grows, and industries change. It’s easy to find yourself holding onto an antiquated brand that doesn’t stand for what you want or resonate with buyers. If that’s you, make a change. A successful company rebrand can ignite growth and carve out a better future for your company.

Your brand is not your logo. Your brand is how you’re perceived by customers and potential customers. Branding is the art of shaping that perception. I bring this up because rebranding doesn’t always mean changing your logo. Old Spice, which we dive into below, is a perfect example of a…

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I’ve helped more than 100 brands launch over the years. Some blew up into successful companies and others simply blew up. As time passed and I ticked off more launches, I began to recognize patterns in the companies that lasted.

These patterns held true whether it was a SaaS startup or fast food restaurant. The industry, geographic location, age of entrepreneurs, and other variables didn’t matter as long as the patterns were present. I’ve distilled those patterns into 3 ingredients you find in startups that succeed.

I’m sharing those ingredients here because I want to save you thousands of dollars…

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I’m related to Doc Holliday, but I’m no doctor. I’m just a grower of companies searching for marketing strategies that work. Everything that follows came from my study and application of psychological principles to help my clients (and my company) sell more. I’m going to walk through 3 psychological principles you can put to work in your marketing in this article:

  • Reciprocity
  • Social Proof
  • Decidophobia (a.k.a. decision paralysis)

Robert Cialdini’s book on The Psychology of Persuasion got me started on this path, but I also credit Chip and Dan Heath’s book Made To Stick and a gaggle of other authors…

An interview with Amazon expert Mike Sitrin of Riverboat.

Amazon sells $283,000 worth of goods every minute. That kind of spending can catapult your brand to success almost overnight. Unfortunately, it’s just as easy to get swept away by the competition and buried ten pages deep.

I sat down with Amazon expert Mike Sitrin of Riverboat to understand what separates the success stories from everyone else. Mike shares priceless tips about how long it will take to get traction, how to use Amazon’s advertising products, common pitfalls to avoid, where to do research, why you need to register your brand, and whether you should use FBA or self-fulfillment. …

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Facebook is a pain in the ass. I’d happily close my account if it didn’t work so damn well as an advertising platform for our clients. Bottom line, we’re getting customers from Facebook and Instagram so it’s hard to leave.

It’s actually gotten a little too easy to sit back and rely on big blue to send us a steady flow of customers. Our dependency on this one platform leaves our clients vulnerable. …

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I help companies grow. Father of 5 | Founder of

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