Get back Cover Flow to Mac OS Mojave

The latest Mac OS X is full of nice new features like Stacks, Home app and dynamic wallpapers.

The only thing makes many users sad and crazy is the eliminated Cover Flow mode in Finder. Somebody never used it. Somebody call it an outdated feature from 2008. Somebody cannot live and do their job without it.

Somebody like me, who writes travel stories and have to quickly scroll through thousands of photos in RAW format. Apple, have you tried this in the new Gallery mode before killing Cover Flow? Each file loads for up to 5 seconds before it is shown. Brilliant UX, strictly based on analytics and metrics, I suppose, just like you ask in your vacancies… What for?

Alright, there are two ways to get Cover Flow back to Mac:

  1. Install and use Path Finder.
  2. Restore from High Sierra.

Both ways are sick, though.

Path Finder has an awful design and you have to switch from default Finder to this sick application. Sure, it offers many tweaks, including font size and weight. After an hour of tweaking you probably can force it looking almost like Finder. Still, it is not Finder. And it is paid. The price is $40.

Restoring is free of charge, many thanks to Apple they don’t put a version signature or something on it. The major disadvantage is that you won’t be able to use Stocks on your desktop. What a grief.

I personally chose the second way. For ones who’d like to try it, here’s the copy from High Sierra. Put it to /System/Library/CoreServices/ after backing up the original file. of High Sierra:

Use it and hope, that Apple will improve its new Gallery “feature” and add some reasonable functions, like, well, a normal file loading at least.

PS. If your thumbnails are broken after Mojave, believe it or not, you just need to update Sketch to version 52. Geez.