NLP for Video Game AIs

The OpenAI project just announced their entrance into the NLP community. The project seems more open-ended and perhaps a different research direction compared to Universe and Gym. From what I can gather, the group now intends to lead in both tooling and some basic research as well.

More so than the research or tooling contributions, I am excited by just the video game integration possibilities. With the recent release of “Breath of the Wild”, open world gaming has become fully mainstream. People love to trick the AI monsters in the game by setting up traps or seeing what tools the mobs can find or use. The game is tremendously fun but also has great AI that forms one of the basic building blocks of the game dynamics.

Apparently this is nothing compared to what is to come. According to OpenAI’s research direction, agents can now be nudged into creating and refining their own language to describe the world. How long will it be now before we see mob cultures and genuine regional conflict. What happens in the game world when you upset the military balance between fishmen and trolls? This is going to be a must-have feature for future games.

I’m not really trying to say anything with this article other than just wow! I feel like a boundary has been crossed and good VR is somewhere close.