A Capone Glossary (Continued) D-F

For an introduction to this glossary, see A Capone Glossary 1-A

Damn it mannagioa marone

Dance (event) egg harbor, hop, rag, jolly up, romp, wingding

Dancer hoofer (in shows), smudger (close), heeler (bad), floor (not four) flusher (tireless), dead hoofer/cement mixer (bad), Oliver Twist (good dancer), absent treatment (dancing with a timid partner), gigolo (dancing partner)

Dancer (cheered on) get hot!,

Dance (close) smudge

Dangerous hot, hot place

Daredevil coffin dodger (reckless)

Date (disappointing, frustrating) flat tire, pill, pickle, drag rag, oilcan

Dead toast, toasted, boxed, six feet under, thirty (from reporters’ marks of “30” at the end of an article’s draft), DOA (Dead On Arrival), dog meat, toe-tagged, checked out, deep sixed, rounded up, slumbering

Death big sleep, big one, eternal checkout, checkout, curtains, deep six, last roundup, slumber, shroud city, Harlem Sunset (by stabbing)

Death row dance hall, waiting room

Debt (note) marker

Delay stall

Delusion pipe dream

Demote break

demoted broken, knocked down.”

Dentist jaw-cracker, tooth fairy

Depressed grummy, blue, down at the mouth, hangdog

Deserve rate

Detective bogie (plain-clothes) dick, flattie , flatfoot, dummy, gum-shoe, peeper, snooper, sleuth, cinder dick (railroad detective), shamus, dry dick (out of uniform)

Diamonds ice, rocks

Dice rats and mice, tops (loaded)

Dice (rolls) box cars, snake eyes, two rolls and no coffee

Die bag it, bite, kick the bucket, pop off, croak, kick off, buy the farm, cash in chips, strike out

Disagreement beef, rumpus

Disappear take a bunk

Disappointment curve

Disbelief says you

Dishonest crooked, nervous fingers, five-finger discount

Disposed of over the fence

Distillery (illegal) barrel house

Doctor croaker, sawbones

Doomed on the Spot, goner, going, done, toast

Door gate

Dormant dormy, calm, quiet

Doughnut sinker

Dressed (well) natty, spruced, spruced up, nifty

Drink (of liquor) belt, snort tip, tip a few, nibble one, Smell from the barrel, dip the bill, dip your beak, put down, go out on the roof/over the edge with the rams (drink too much), dip your bill

Drink (spiked) Micky, Micky Finn

Drop-off drop (place for loot disposal)

Drug addict gong-kicker (marijuana), hop head

Drug dealer junker, dope peddler, junk peddler

Drug taking hopping up, shooting up, popping

Drugger (of horses and race dogs) nobbler

Drugs Indian hop/tea/oregano/herb (marijuana), mojo/hops (narcotics), pen yen (opium), dope, junk, babania (heroin), cadillac (one ounce packet of cocaine or heroin), hokus

Drummer (musical) skin-tickler

Drunk toot (“on a toot”), bender (on a bender”)

Drunk (adj) bent, bleary-eyed, blind, blotto, lit up like a Christmas tree, boiled, boiled as an owl, bombed, burning blue, burning with a blue flame, canned, corked, corned, crocked, edged, edgy, embalmed, four/two/a couple of sheets to the wind, fried, fried to the hat, full, ginned, hairy-eyed, half seas over, half-cocked, half-screwed, half-seas-over, half-shot, happy, high, high as a kite, hoary- eyed, jazzed, jingled, lathered, wall-eyed, wet, woozy, liquored, liquored up, lit, lit up like a store window, loaded, loaded for bear, loaded to the muzzle, lubricated, mellow/buzzed (mildly drunk), micky-finned, oiled, ossified, over the bay, owled, paralyzed, pickled, pie-eyed, piffed, piped, plastered, polluted, potted, primed, saturated, scorched, slopped, smoked, soaked, soused, zozzled, spifflicated/spifficated, sprung, squiffy, stewed, stiff, stinko, tanked, under the table, up the street (may mean “bombed” as in “bombed a store up the street”), zozzled

Drunk (n) booze hound, lusher, sot, souse, alky, drunk, rummy

Dying Done for, a goner

Ear Lugs, donkeys (plural)

Earshot on the eary

Earn Rate

Eastern European bohunk (orig. derogatory term for Hungarians), Russkie, Chesky

Easy duck soup, eggs-in-the-coffee, no sweat, no problem

Eat chew, take on, mangia

Electric chair hot squat, hot seat, flame chair, frying pan, the chair

Electrocute fry, give him the jolt

Electrocution electric cure, fry

Elegance ritz, spiff, swank

Elegant ritzy, spiffy, swank, swanky, the swank, the ritz

Embarrassment cafone, gafone

Embezzle gyp, con, dip, grift, skim

Employ rig up

Endangered on the heels, on thin ice, in a pinch

Engaged (marital) insured

Engagement ring handcuff

Engines hogs

Englishman limey

Enough earful, basta

Envious grungy

Escape run out, spring, clean sneak/crushed out (clean getaway), mope/crush out/break (from prison)

Evasion the runaround

Evict bounce

Evicted Took the bounce

Evidence the goods

Evil eye malocchio

Ex Prostitute Mary Magdalene

Expenses the nut

Extort bleed, put the bite on, gyp, con, dip, shake down

Extortion protection, shakedown

Eyeglasses cheaters, rims, specs

Eyes peepers, glims, shutters, pies, blinkers, lamps

Face button, flat, map, lug, pan, puss, mush, mug

Fact flat, the lay, the McCoy

Fail flop, take a trip for biscuits, fuck up, muck up, rank (burglary or robbery)

Failure trip for biscuits, fuck-up, muck-up, rank (burglary or robbery)

Faint take a Joe (uncertain), keel

Fakes ringers

Falsehood bunk, bull, bullshit, baloney, bushwa, chewing gum, hooey, phonus balonus, piffle, crap, “Tell it to Sweeny,” bunkaroo, applesauce

Family (clan) cosca

Family (crime) borgata, brugad

Fast (on draw) swift

Fat soft

Father (of a flapper) dapper

Federal agents Uncle Whiskers, T-men, G-men, revenuers

Fee (for dirty work) sluch

Feet dogs, hocks, plates

Fence goods move

Feud vendetta

Feudalism padrone system

Fight Slug it out, dust up, get into a scrape, mix it up (fistfight)

Figure out crab, ken

First-timer fish (prisoner or college freshman)

Fists meat hooks, knuckles

Fit (as in “throwing a fit” ing-bing (‘throw an ing-bing’), kitten (have/throw a kitten or kittens), blow your wig

Flee Go to read and write, lam, ram off, run out, scram, scram out, take it on, high, going south, fade, get lost (see escape), make tracks, dangle, skip, skip town, blouse (“let’s blouse”), blow the joint

Flight run-out, lam, skip

Focus put the spot on

Follow trail, shadow.

Food (prison) shit on a shingle

Food depot free food dump (for the poor)

Fool bazoo, sap, sucker, mark, Gofor, butter and egg man (big spender), apple/egg (in gambling), rube/reuben, hayseed, mook, soft player (gambler who plays til he’s lost everything), pigeon, square (in gambling), juggins, lugen (easy), mooch (easy), smark (know-it-all but easy mark), gopher, whistling gopher (whistles after he’s been taken) pushover, sap (See fool), bazoo, boob, rube, reuben, gopher, weak sister

Forbid nix, kibosh, put the kibosh on

Force muscle, shoulder

Force (way in) muscle in.

Forger scratcher

Frame (victim) fall guy, patsy, sap

Framed rapped, set up, left holding the bag, took the fall

Framer rapper

Friend bo, pal, buster, bo, fellow, goomba, drink out of the same bottle, goombata, compare, pally (sometimes sarcastic), crony, close pal, buddy

Frighten Hold a mock execution

Fun whoopee, juicy (adj.), ring-a-ding-ding

Funeral black tie affair, white affair (Chinese)

Funeral parlor chapel, corpse cooler (re. iced window coffin open on display)

Funeral wreath floral tribute, flowers, buds

Funny (thing) a yell, a hoot

Futility Trip for biscuits

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