A Capone Glossary (Continued) G-J

For an introduction to this glossary, see A Capone Glossary 1-A

Gambler lunch pail gambler (working class), card shark, agent (cheat), base dealer (deals from bottom of the deck), blacklegs (riverboat gamblers of 19th cent.), bust-out dealer/streak breaker/cooler (brought in to skin a gambler who is on a roll), card mechanic/mechanic (sleight-of-hand cheat), George (big tipper), Tom (cheapskate), hand mucker (card switching cheat), high roller, holdout man (cheats by keeping an extra card nearby), kibitzer (onlooker who gives advice), painter (cheats with marked cards), scout (observes and reports gamblers’ techniques), shill (house plant), wall man (lookout for three-card monte operations), whale (gambler who negotiates to raise maximum house limits)

Gambling book, cash game

Gang cosce (plural)

Gangster hoodlum, hood/thug/goon/gorilla (muscle), rod, red-hot, mug, bird, gee, guy, egg, thug, torpedo (gunman), trouble boy, thug, larrikin, gangster, racketeer

Gangster (small-time) gopher/go-for/cugine/punk/monkey/brat, young turk/squirt (young), guido boy (Italian), candy-store gangster, corner gangster, penny-ante gangster

Gems rocks, marbles, stones

Gentile goy, goyem (pl)

Gentleman galantuomo

German Kraut, Friz, Hun, Piefke, Square-head

Gin white/white stuff

Girl chick, babe, girlie, doll, baby

Glass (of beer) seidel

Go breeze, scram, lam, breeze off

Go away (command) go chase yourself, go screw, screw, scram, get lost, beat it, breeze/fuck/kiss off

Goal lay

God mio Dio, Dio, O Dio, marone, marone a mi ( lit. “madonna” but more like “oh my god,” or “That’s amazing/ridiculous/outrageous”)

Godfather compare, padrino

Good white/all white, aces, snazzy, hot, nobby, smooth, sweet, swell, keen, cool

Gossip (n.) rumpus, scuttlebutt, grapes

Gossiup (v.) rib, bump guns, flap lips

Governing gangland body (See Mob)

Government agents Feds, T-men, G-men

Grab brace (shake), snag, snatch

Graft squeeze, ex., “The border patrol are strictly off the squeeze,” peculato, gift, grease, the pad, grift, kickback

Grave deep six

Great bee’s knees, elephant’s eyebrows, gnat’s whistle, eel’s hips, cat’s meow, the berries, ducky, nifty, lollapalooza, human (idle), humdinger, big deal, darb

Greed larceny, eat alone

Gross profit nut

Grudge beef, gripe

Guard jug hack (at a bar), turret man (lookout; see Steel cage), bull or screw (prison)

Guard house turret (A steel sheeted cage used to protect the guards of a gambling house, or of a bootlegger’s warehouse),

Guiltless kosher, clean

Gullible his nose was open

Gun bean shooter, convincer, Betsy (general), See Pistol, machine gun, shotgun, Rifle), cannon, artillery

Gunfire Chicago lightning

Gunman logan, torpedo, trigger man, bruno, button man (see Assassin), bruno, goon, hatchetman

Gypsy gyppo, gippo, gypo, gyppie, gyppy, gipp, pikey, piker, shelta (Irish)

Habeas corpus round the horn (police technique for avoiding habeas corpus by moving accused from one station to another until he talks)

Handcuffs bracelets, nippers, mitts

Handkerchief mop

Hands mitts, paws, flippers (uncertain), meat-hooks, grabbers

Hands up grab a little air

Hang (be hanged) do the dance/jump, step off, swing

Hanger-on empty suit (esp. a civilian who hangs around with gangsters)

Hanging (n) the dangle, the dance, the jump

Happy man jolly guy

Hat Borsalino fedora (Capone’s), boater, skimmer, porkpie, tam

Haul gelt, loot, booty

Hawker capper (carnival)

Head conk, noodle, nut

Hearse meat wagon, coach

Heart pump

Heavy man baby grand

Heroin H

Heroin (dealing) babania

Heroin packet bindle

Hide lay away, plant (hide a man), hit the mattresses (during a mob war), lay low, spring clean (hide evidence), lam, squirrel, cheese it, lay away

Hiding on the lam/mattress

hiding out going south, going on the lam, hitting the mattresses

Hiding place hide-out

High (drugged) gowed/hopped up

Hispanic Spick, Spic, Spik, Spig, Spigotty

Hit (strike) rap, dry-gulch (hit on head), clock, knock, knock out/over, coal/cold cock, deck

Hobo Jungle buzzard, piker, pikey (thief), gaycat (hobo’s gay young companion) bindle punk (hired to assist in a crime), bindler (from bindle, a hobo’s satchel

Hobo’s satchel bindle

Hold up Heist, hist, hyst, stick-up

Holster pistol pocket, harness, shoulder harness, gat bra, shin plaster, shin splint

Home wiki-up, cave

Homeless apple seller

Homosexual nance, nancy-boy, nola, three-letter man, yodeler , fairy, pansy, daisy, gaycat (young hobo), gunsel (passive boy, from Yiddish for gosling), queer, rosey-posey, none-too-masculine, rumper

Honest square, on the square, on the level, on the up and up, up-and-up, straight, stand-up, kosher, square, straight-up, level with me (be honest)

Hope (false) pipe dream

Horse hay-burner (bad bet), nag, bang-tail (racehorse)

Hospital bone factory

Hotel (Cicero) Capone Castle (Hawthorne)

Hotel detective house dick, hotel dick, house peeper

Hungarian bohunk (also applied indiscriminately to Eastern Europeans)

Hunt gun for

Hunted man meat

Hurry get a wiggle on (applied to women), shake a leg (command)

Identifier fingerer, finder

Identify dope (We had him doped he was a rat.”)

Identify finger, rank, make

Idiot bunny, babbo (useless employee), lowlife, moron, mo-mo, mook, mutt, mutton-head, newt, pinhead, twit, chump, rattle-head

Ignorant knows from nothing

Illicit trade racket, game

In fashion cat’s meow, the monkey’s instep

Incarcerated in stir, inside, jugged, in the jug, sent up, gone up, up the river, on the rock, sent over, sent up, gone up, on vacation, off at college, inside

Inform flip, rat, go stool, stool, peach, spill the beans, spill, squawk, squeal, sing, cough up, spill the beans, call copper, drop a dime, squeak, squack, squawk, mouse, fink

Information dope, rap, lowdown, the ropes, info, scuttlebutt, rumble (See news)

Informed wise, in on it, turned rat, ratted

Informer flipper, snitch, stool pigeon, pigeon, rat, gunsel, canary, nightingale, stool marked (identified as an informer by a scar across his face, in Sicilian tradition), mouse, squealer, lip flapper, squealer

Initiated confirmed, made

Inject needle (take heroin or add pure alcohol to booze)

Insane bingy, goofy, jingle-brained, meshuga (Yiddish), bughouse, woody, nuts, nutty, nuttier than a fruitcake, off one’s nut, too far off the track/off the track/loose cannon (violent), screwy, screws loose, whacky, wacky, chatted out, J-cat, netted up,

Insane asylum bug house, nut college (rare), nut factory, nut house, nut farm

Insanity ward (prison) ding wing, nut house, nut ward, wacky ward

Inspect give the up-and-down (person), case the joint

Insult crust, give him the high-hat (dismiss), crack, gaff, guff

Intending looking to

Interest (on a loan)loan juice, points, shy, vig/vigorish (Yiddish from Russian)

Interfere gum up, gum, fuck up, muscle in

Interrogate give the third/third degree, grill, put the screws on, buzz

Interrogation room Coney Island (esp. reserved for beatings)

Intimidate buzz, muscle, put the bite on, put the screws to, shake down, bring in the big guns, tighten the screws on

Irishman harp, sheenie, mack, mick, Mickey, Mickey Finn, paddy, wigger, whigger, bog- jumper, Fenian, hibe, shant, Leprechaun

Italian neighborhood Little Italy, Spaghetti Zone, dagoville, ginzoville

Italian dago, wop, ginzo, greaseball (esp. Sicilians), garlic, greaser, guido, Mustache Pete (Sicilian)

Jail caboose, calaboose, can, the nick, can, jug, cooler, ice box, limbo (Cook County Jail in West Chicago), clink, hoosegow (local), pokey (county), big house/pen (penitentiary),

Jail cells (worst) below the line

Jail (v.) send over, jug

Japanese Jap, Nip, Nippon

Jew Abbie, Abe, heeb, hebe, hymie, kike, sheeny (untrustworthy), yid, shy (for shyster)

Jitters heebie-jeebies, screaming meemies (See fit)

Job lay

Join the mob made, “straightened out,” “get your button, make the grade, earn your stripes

Joke jib, ball-breaker, ball-buster

Judge bench nibs

Judge (Federal) his nibs, bench nibs, monk (high rank), big boy (federal)

Junkyard hot car farm (for stolen automobiles)

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