Capone’s American Boys

Two-Faced Torpedoes

Capone had a lot of theories. Here I have him expound on the physiognomies of his “American Boys:” killers he employed in the St. Valentines Day Massacre because they were non-Italian out-of-towners who could pass themselves off to Moran and his boys as cops.

“Burke’s pals was mostly vets from the End-all and become good shots dusting krauts. Winkeler looked a little like that prick [Howard Hughes] that made that Scarface movie about me, only Winkeler’s face don’t match itself. By such I mean one side don’t match the other. Me, I got a matching face: one side looks like the other, cause I am what I am. But a lot of torpedoes, if you look at one side of their face you see one man, the other side another, and both sides is a killer.”

To test this theory, here are Gus Winkeler (L) and Freddie “Killer” Burke. For the second and third image in each set I doubled up on their left and right faces

Excerpted from I, Capone: The Memoirs of Al Capone. Copyright © 2017 by Andrew Ward. All rights reserved.

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