Promising Capones

Promising Capones

Tom Hardy

So who’s left? I read a few years back that the British Actor Tom Hardy was gearing up to play Capone. He has brilliantly portrayed a number of tough guys, including a bootlegger, an Anglo-Jewish mobster, both of the Cray brothers, and a former New York hit man trying to go straight. So I would not underestimate his ability to embody just about anybody, including Capone..

Michael Pitt

In the unlikely event that they ever make a movie version of I, Capone, my choice to play Capone will be Michael Pitt. • Pitt’s star turn as Jimmy Darmody in the first season of Boardwalk Empire introduced a terrific young actor with much in common with Capone. Pitt shares Capone’s Brooklyn and Italian-American origins, has played a variety of gangsters, has the smoldering, mercurial and even androgynous quality of a young Capone, and can pour on the charm when he needs to. As for physique, he is three inches taller than Capone, and though not as heavy, that can be addressed. • When Darmody’s mood darkened, Pitt’s face seemed to puff up like an adder. Even in scenes where he played a tertiary role, viewers could not keep their eyes off him, and they grieved when he was prematurely bumped off by Nucky Thompson, much to the series’ detriment.

This crude pastiche is intended to show that if you were to replace Capone’s eyes and lips with Pitt’s, fill out Pitt’s cheeks and shave back his hairline, he would come closer to resembling Capone than any of his predecessors.

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