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Bayit Home Automation 60W Equivalent Connected Home Color Changing LED

Make your home smart with Bayit Lighting. With the Bayit Lighting starter kit, control your lights On and Off, tone, and color, all from the palm of your hand. Light switches have become a thing of the past choose from 16 million colors, create groups, and set the mood with speed and color changing modes. Color changing super bright light with tunable white, red, green and blue. Adjust the brightness and change the tone from your Android device. DIY setup gets setup in 3 steps. Download the free Bayit Lighting app, install the bulbs, plug in the gateway and start managing your lights in minutes. Control 200+ bulbs with 1 Bayit gateway you can connect 200+ bulbs, big rooms or offices are no problem. Setup groups to control different zones separately.
Color changing LED’s- super bright LED light with tunable white, red, green and blue, adjust the brightness and change the tone from your iOS or android device
Easy installation- get setup in 3 steps, download the free Bayit lighting application, install the bulbs, plug in the gateway, starts managing your lights in minutes
Control 200 plus bulbs- with 1 Bayit gateway, you can connect 200 plus bulbs, big rooms or offices are no problem, setup groups to control different zones separately
7.5-Watt:60-Watt each bulb only uses 7.5-Watt and still provides the bright 60-Watt light you are used
1.6 million colors, dimmable from 1% to 100%
Light Bulb Starter Kit (2-Pack)

Bayit Home Automation On/Off Switch Wi-Fi Socket

Bayit Switch Wi-Fi enabled socket connects your appliances and electronics to your Wi-Fi network, allowing remote on and off control to your appliances/devices from anywhere in the world. Turn on your AC when you are on the way home or set your lamp on a schedule to make it look like someone is home when you are not, all from the comfort of your mobile device. With so many ways to use it, Bayit Switch will find a task in any home.
Remote on/off- control your appliances on and off functions from anywhere and everywhere using your android or iOS mobile devices 3G/4G/Wi-Fi internet connection
Plug and play- intuitive, easy to setup and use, download the free Bayit switch application, plug in the socket and follow the onscreen instructions- complete setup in under 2 minutes
Set schedules- set your appliances to turn on/off automatically when you want them to cut your energy bill by setting your devices to turn off when you’re not around
Various uses Bayit switch can be used with any appliance that you plug in, fans, wall ac units, space heaters, lamps, televisions and more

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