The Dalgado Christmas Letter

Every year starting right after Thanksgiving we start getting the Christmas cards and letters from family and friends across the globe. Over the years this letter has morphed from written form into a picture with the Christmas or Holiday greeting from the family sending the card. While we love these cards, one in particular stands out. It is the Dalgado Christmas Letter.

The letter is different from all the others that we receive as it is a simple matrix. On the top row it has the name of each member of the family and on the left column it has a category — best experience, happiest moment, best vacation, best movie, best song… etc. Then each member of the family has their content.

What is amazing about this letter is that it is very simple to do but shares such a wide variety of detail that it is now a letter that we eagerly anticipate receiving.

Well this year I decided the best form of flattery is to copy and so I have used their format for our Christmas Letter. But loath to give up on the pictures, I have made the letter two pages.

Page 1 is the matrix which I labeled — Memories

Page 2 is Pictures which I labled — Moments.

Sharing on Medium for other individuals and families that might like the idea.

This was created in the Pages application on the Mac and the template that this was created in is available below feel free to download, reuse and customize further.

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