A common question I get asked, what does it cost to hire a Lichen-Selha facilitation team. The answer to the question is simple…..Nothing.

The mission is to increase the level of trust within organizations.

The opportunity to do this is reward enough. We are only limited by number of facilitators and their availability.

This does not mean that there is no cost. The organization does incur cost.

Here are the four largest costs that I can think of.

  1. The cost to gather a group of people in an organization. …

Advocating symbiosis means designing it into the structure. The concept embodies the makeup of a Lichen-Selha facilitation team.

The team consists of three people, two of the individuals work together with the client to understand the situation, develop or select the activity, prepare the debrief and co-facilitate the event.

Two are essential because this ensures that there is a duality in the ideation and creative process. It also provides some level of resilience, as should something happen the scheduled event does not hinge on the shoulders of just one person.

The third person on the facilitation team is there to…

The idea of play seems alien when we look at our workplaces. The fondest memories I have had of school from early kindergarten all the way to college was the games I played and with it the camaraderie that formed with other teammates.

What a game does is provide a structure where the rules are known, where teams take time to explore how they will approach the game, where the score is clear, and it is easy to establish who won and who lost. …

Building trust within a group has been a topic that has fascinated me for as long as I can remember. Trust, while hard to measure is universally accepted as an essential ingredient to long-lasting relationships.

But what is trust? I like to think about it as the glue in a symbiotic relationship. A relationship where each party provides something that is needed by the other, not in equal measure but in a measure best judged by the recipient.

Nature provides multiple examples of symbiosis, but the one I like best is the symbiosis that exists in Lichens

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Lichens: A symbiosis…

Meetings are the bane of organizations.

However it is impossible to get anything done without some form of a gathering where ideas are discussed and plans are made. And so we default into calling or holding a meeting. In person, online, chat,….whatever.

The recent hit by Sarah Cooper, Ten Tricks to Appear Smart at Meetings is a hit as it provides ideas to demonstrate just enough engagement to convince everyone that you add value to the gathering.

Having lived in a corporate environment for the better part of two decades, here are my thoughts.

  1. Rethink the space……..if you are going…

The significant shift in regulation from the FCC against Net Neutrality has a huge negative, but there is a glimmer of hope.

The negatives are very real and have the chilling effect on a society dependant on a free and unfettered press.

As with all things, there are a combination of technologies if adopted widely will give us the ability to sidestep the impact of the FCC ruling. This is the deployment of a decentralized mesh network with a blockchain based payment system.

A few products have shown the proof of concept of the mesh technology over longer ranges


Every year starting right after Thanksgiving we start getting the Christmas cards and letters from family and friends across the globe. Over the years this letter has morphed from written form into a picture with the Christmas or Holiday greeting from the family sending the card. While we love these cards, one in particular stands out. It is the Dalgado Christmas Letter.

The letter is different from all the others that we receive as it is a simple matrix. On the top row it has the name of each member of the family and on the left column it has…

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