Watch out for the birds

Hello fellow adults,

They will perch on houses directly across from you, peering in through any open window.

They open their wings when you walk by, using their internal satellite to transmit their findings back to their masters.

When you see them, do not engage. Block your windows and do not allow their cameras to see into your abode.

These evil surveillance birds have replaced many of the real, God created ones. Nothing is as it seems.

Next time you see a bunch of birds on the power lines, know that they are charging themselves.

The world is getting smaller and smaller under they eye of big brother. Digital currency will ruin all our individuality.

Look up the RIDE act, all cars produced in the US from 2026 onward has a kill switch.

We are simply prisoners.

Do not believe the media when it comes to war. They have lied for the past 50 years, what makes you think they are telling the truth now?

US bio labs seized by the Russians. Media tries to bury this face.

Your fellow adult,

Andrew Adultman

Originally published at on March 10, 2022.




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Andrew Adultman

Andrew Adultman

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