The brand and economic advantages of the Docker / Moby split
Chris Grams

Unfortunately the main substantiating data point of the article; Red Hat and Fedora doesn’t work. In that instance there were three brands involved; Linux, Red Hat, Fedora. And if you wanted to do an actual comparison it would have been Red Hat and Linux not Red Hat and Fedora. Fedora was launched specifically for issues close to what Docker faces, but not the same. Red Hat wanted/needed a Linux community of their own to focus on their distribution of Linux, not the core distribution. Also, Red Hat started out with a distinct brand from Linux from the beginning, so again, not the same. And, from a branding perspective it would seem you preserve the brand with the most goodwill; Docker, and create a differentiated but possibly very similar commercial brand not the other way around; a la Elastic and ELK stack, who are doing just fine. They could have gone with something like DockerEnterprise, or DockerOne or something, almost anything, rather than rebranding the community with a completely unrelated name and losing even more goodwill.