Andrew Areoff
Mar 29, 2017 · 1 min read

An interesting read. I’m someone who is by nature a designer and by trade a designer of websites and print based work. I’ve struggled for years to define myself in words and of late I’ve been looking at getting into UX/UI design — not realising of course that this is what I’ve been doing all my working life. It is hard when jobs and freelance roles ask for “UX/UI designer” or “product designer” or “digital designer” and you feel like you have to massage your CV, personal statement and online portfolio thus. It would be so much better if those hiring could look at your on your own merits and discover the uniqueness that we can all bring to a role — sure we’re not all going to fit the roles that are being offered, but to simply pigeonhole us when tech is now so fragmented, varied, in constant flux — is surely nonsense.

    Andrew Areoff

    Written by

    Web, brand and print designer with over twenty years experience of delivering work with curiousity, craft and commercial understanding.

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