Berthold Wolpe Monotype Exhibition

Andrew Areoff
Oct 21, 2017 · 2 min read

I just visited the @bymonotype Berthold Wolpe exhibition at the @thetypearchive in South London.

The exhibition celebrates this great type designer who created iconic typefaces like Albertus which along with several others have been recreated by Toshi Omagari @toshiomagari who works for The Monotype Studio.

Albertus is probably most famously used in the City of London street name signs. Me being surrounded by typefaces and print since by birth but not being formally trained in typography didn’t know this. Although when I saw the publicity for the new Albertus Nova typeface a few weeks back I instantly thought of road signs, not just in the City but also local to the Type Archive in Stockwell. In fact I am certain that the road sign on my street in Essex is in the same typeface — or a version of it — I will check that later and report back.
Toshi spent three years digitizing five of Wolpe’s typefaces — what a fine job he’s done and he briefly told how he learned to respect the variations and what might seem like inconsistencies in the letterforms.

I’m very tempted to sign up for the Monotype Font Subscription just so I can get my hands on these five superb typefaces that are both classic and compelling in equal measure.

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See more of my type, ink and analog print excursions on my Instagram feed.

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