Portland Police Chief Outlaw is Dangerous

Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw is deeply dangerous, and every member of this community should call for her immediate resignation. If she won’t quit, the Mayor should fire her.

To be clear, I don’t think either is remotely likely to happen, given the Mayor’s continued support for deploying aggressive tactics, as well as chemical and ballistic weapons, against antifascists. But Outlaw has to go. Just a few reasons:

Speaking as someone who’s been attacked by pepper balls, stun grenades, LRADs, and tear gas a least a half-dozen times in the last few years — and watched comrades get beaten, grievously wounded, arrested, kettled, and harassed — I know perfectly well that the top cop in Portland is never going to be some paragon of antifascism. I mean, they’re a cop, after all. But why do we have someone who DELIGHTS in this sort of pro-right-wing bullshit, and heads over to Lars Larson’s show to celebrate it?