What ever happened to “Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but Words will never Hurt me?”

A minute ago a friend of mine shared this post story with me about Emory University students needing emergency counseling after seeing “Trump 2016” and similar writings around campus.

I seriously fear for the future of the world when I see things like this. What are these kids going to do when they are in the work place and their boss asks them to re-write a letter because he or she thinks it doesn’t convey their position as strongly as it could. Heaven forbid they make a mistake on a task and the boss is a little harsh in his or her correction. If this is even lightly demonstrative of their ability to handle difference of opinion, how will they handle true conflict?

It boggles my mind that these are people that are nearing the stage that they should be fully independent.

News flash for those of you who think its okay to go to counseling because a man who has a different political opinion than you had his name written in calk on the sidewalk. You will encounter people in real life, face to face, with the real them who have different political opinions than you ever. single. day. Unless you want to have a councilor for a roommate, I suggest you grow up. It is really not that uncommon. And despite what you might think, it is helpful for your health, mental capacity, development, and intelligence to engage with these people in healthy debate.

Unpopular Opinion

I am not that old, twenty seven to be exact, but when I was a child I was always told “Sticks and Stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you.” Guess what, it is true.

Being offended by something is 100% your choice. Offence is a reaction, and adults have control over how they react to stimuli.

Unless you are emotionally a two to five year old, you should be able to rationally think through most stimuli that comes your way and choose not to be offended. If you can’t, you are servery emotionally underdeveloped. The old adage is true, words can’t hurt you unless you choose to give them place in your mind. Let them fester in your heart and choose to react to them in a way other than realizing there are misguided people in the world and moving past them.

The Youth Today facing Hitler

It scares me to think what would happen if World War II broke out today. If Hitler rose to power and took control of a nation and was pressing a doctrine of genocide and fear on all nations. Who would answer the call to go to war? Who would beat back the armies of this nation? Who would stand up to tyranny and hide those effected in their homes and put their life on the line for others?

It isn’t this rising generation. Hitler would have to do no more than raise a banner with his name and march forth. Those of the American Army would faint and quiver at the ideas behind that banner and run to a councilor for protection from his radical ideas. The pain would be to great for them to face. This tyrant ruling with evil intent over his people. If the youth of today are so offended to need counseling because “Trump 2016” was written in chalk on a sidewalk I quake in fear of what would happen should they see broadcasts of men marching under the Nazi flag.

Life Isn’t Easy

In closing, let me leave you with something to chew on. People grow up in different paces, times, and situations. They have different opinions, and sometimes those opinions are wrong, and sometimes they are just a different view of the world. However, no matter how evil, perverse, or morally wrong an opinion is, it cannot hurt you. It is not okay or normal to experience pain over someones name, or their political views. It is okay to disagree. It is okay to show you disagree by voting against that person. It is okay to have debates about why you disagree. It isn’t okay to allow yourself to be traumatized into needing a counselor. It is okay to discuss with like minded individuals how you don’t understand another’s point of view or opinion. Life is not easy, and it isn’t going to become any easier. Being offended, and letting pain dwell in your mind because of someones name is stupid and foolish.

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