It’s Time for Bernie Sanders to Apologize to his Supporters, and to President Obama
Sasha Stone

Also, calling a bunch of people idiots and NOT listening to them is what got an real extremist into the White House anyway. The Democratic party didn’t listen to the working class and the working reached out for ANYTHING… that anything was Trump. The Democratic party certainly planted the seeds of this years and years ago, they also watered those seeds. Don’t be a naive little girl and think that Democrats are Angels and Republicans are Devils…. go out and meet someone who doesn’t use instragram and who knows how to use their hands. Go talk to a farmer and see what they think about the state of the world. Idiots like you sit behind a computer screen and sip your latte and think you know everything….. you can’t build anything, you can’t make anything, all you do is yell at people and call it journalism. Nobody cares about Obama’s legacy…. people care about their lives and their futures. Being a cheerleader for Obama is useless, you should look at problems that Trump claimed to be for (which he lied about, but at least he said the words) like giving help to the working class, stopping bad trade, and giving people hope where they didn’t have any. His message was appealing if you heard more than the racist stuff (which you obviously didn’t). You can’t be a champion of the people and say you are for equality when you call rural Americans stupid and ignorant every other sentence. I’m pretty liberal (I don’t flinch if someone says Socialism or Athiesm, I am happy about gay marriage and all, and I voted for hillary), but I am from a rural area where people work hard and the Democratic message doesn’t appeal to them. I can’t defend it, I couldn’t ever defend Hilary to them except for the environment stuff. You are a very offensive writer and you obviously don’t care about issues that attracted people to Trump (or else you would’ve won) you don’t care about rural Americans (or else you would have tried to understand them instead of calling them idiots) and you don’t care about Bernie supporters (or else you would’ve tried to understand them instead of blasting them). You are exactly what you claim to hate … insensitive, racists against rural people (I don’t think there is a term for it), and ignorant yourself of at least 40% of the country. You give liberals a bad name and I am ashamed to call myself one when I read drivel like this article. This is so incredibly terrible and you are so narrow sighted… you can’t see past the end of your nose. You live in a fantasy world where Hilary was entitled to be queen… I mean president. She had to earn it and she didn’t. You have no idea what responsibility is, you don’t live in reality, you are a stupid liberal. I pity you.

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