or: how is getting an erection and being clairvoyant sort of the same thing

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Clairvoyance (“clear seeing”) is best and most effectively “developed” by changing the way you look at “life”

and changing how you look at life, or how you might create a DIFFERENT life, best served by changing how you “see yourself”

which is done most effectively by changing what you look at

the mirror is there all along; what you focus on changes your world because what you focus on reflects back not only the image but the “attitude”

and change is often ABOUT attitude

most people…

something needs filled . . . but what ??

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“Unconscious” attractions are not to people — they are to the types of experiences that will arise from the INTERACTION with these people

those who “repeat patterns” are looking for the emotion, yet they think they are looking for the partner

it is the “rush” that comes with triggering the emotion — even (no, ESPECIALLY) if the emotion is a “negative” one

to break the pattern, one has to first “detox” from the craving for that particular emotional “rush”

at its “core”, this is no different than any other “addiction” —…

more stuff about #soulmates

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I believe (and of course I can’t “prove” this, but believe it nonetheless) that ALL “significant” relationships in your life — whether they last 30 minutes or 30 years

are karmic

Soul mates, by my definition, are people who (one way or another) . . . “change” your life

because, in responding to them, you change

and thus, poof, your path changes, as well

you may love them, you may be utterly annoyed by them, or mesmerized or all of the above

but you are never indifferent — soul mates (literally) “speak to your soul”


the basic building blocks you need to kick start your intuition

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psychic development is only “possible” when you first look at what stands BETWEEN you and your psychic “abilities”

there are three foundation level “tools” that underscore “enhanced intuition” . . . they are: Relaxation, Confidence, Focus

RCF: Relaxation, Confidence, Focus

if you’re tense, there is competing “noise” — you lose what’s there because you can’t see it or hear it without a whole lot of distortion

and distortion, needless to say . . . is not good

if you lack confidence, in situations in which paying attention to your…

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the truth about why you do the “things you do” — if these are things you scratch your head later and wonder “wt actual fuck”

lies buried in dark holes

to find this truth you must crawl through dark holes; most people won’t

so most people who scratch their heads wondering “why” will continue scratching their heads, wondering why

thinking always it is something “outside” happening . . . “to them”

when (in most cases) it is a need within you, an UNCONSCIOUS need that is magnetized to the very thing that later will make you (and perhaps, others)


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any of you who have really tried to dig into your subconscious in hopes of understanding why you do the crazy whack as fuck shit you do . . . what in polite society is called “shadow work”

but we really know as simply being concurrently traumatized and curious while wrapped in some “let’s poke the tiger” clowns on acid death match desire to either understand or make it ALL go away

may understand, a bit, why digging for past lives is truly (at first) so often a hillbilly hayride double date with Sid Haig and Lizzie Borden

or, seen…

But I don’t trust them any more, at all, to help me discover an actual “past life”

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I took a class in San Francisco in July, 1979 and that night went back to Berkeley and could regress myself and for the next 4 years I did regression after regression after regression . . . hundreds if not thousands of them

keeping detailed notebooks, page after page after page of exhaustive records . . . I got to where I could put myself into a somnambulistic trance state within seconds

and my clairvoyant skills kept getting stronger and stronger, with every…

the Truth of Reincarnation is buried because knowing “it’s true” makes you less easily controlled . . . and Capital “R” Religion, sadly, is all about “control”

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the common #story now is that people don’t remember past lives; a “common sense” narrative #telling_us this information is too hard to find and not worth the trouble

past lives are “fake news” and we are dissuaded from looking, much as we were dissuaded a couple of years back from looking too deeply into Russian collusion and the Mueller Report

the reason it’s all being #sold as fake news is because finding answers…

Liberal Arts majors are far from doomed in corporate America. Crafting a strategy to get what you want and faster than you might think possible

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I was an English major in college . . . well, actually, I majored in pretty much everything at one time or another but I was an English major the longest so . . . “Andrew, what was your major?”

A: “English”

I didn’t graduate, either, but I went a long time and well . . . I realize this is not the way it’s supposed to be done; nonetheless, I somehow ended up as…

Andrew Bassano Brewer

Clairvoyant, film actor, unicorns playmate -- also voted "One of the Top 50 Psychics in the World" . . . www.andrew-brewer.com

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