The Day When Your Life Turns Around

We’re given these moments, these opportunities where in one moment we can change the course of our entire life.

It’s not usually until our darkest moments does the light begin to shine through. Your lowest lows in life are when you can have your highest highs. It’s not whether you fall down, but its whether you decide to get back up. Three months ago I took a look at myself in the mirror, you know what I saw ? Disgust. I was confused. I wasn’t sure how I got here and where it all began to go downhill.

I was overweight, and beginning to spiral towards what I looked like when I was younger. And for me in that moment it was like magic.

Jim Rohn says it takes 4 emotions for your whole life to turn around. I completely agree.

1. Disgust
- Inner disgust, like a knot in your stomach. This is usually when you say enough is enough. No more

2. Decision
- This is when you decide. You decide you’ve had enough and that you will change. It’s where you flip the switch inside from off to on.

3. Desire
- We need the true desire to change. Desire is that strong feeling where you don’t know how your going to do it but you’re going to find a way.

4. Resolve
- Resolve is the determination. It’s your willpower. It’s when you say I will instead of I could, should, or can.

I share this because unfortunately these opportunities in life are can be momentary. It’s when all these emotions are aligned where the real magic is. Unfortunately it takes the commitment and discipline to seize that opportunity, and make the change. Or those emotions will subside and the spiral will continue downward until the emotions show up again. You need to make the decision, but making the decision isn’t enough because you need to act on it, and act on it with complete certainty and discipline.

I can say this with complete truth because I can look back and see this a few times in my life where I didn’t go all in with change. I may have partially went or went for a little but then I let the flame die out.

You can’t sail your boat with yesterdays winds. Don’t take for granted those opportunities you have for growth. Seize them and conquer them.

This is 90 days after I made the switch. It hasn’t been perfect, it hasn’t been easy. I still have several areas of life I’m working on to improve. But what I can say now is that its not a matter of ability, its a matter of will. If we want to change, we all know how to do it, we usually just need a why we’re doing it to help see it through. Then make the decision and commit. I’m not perfect, no ones perfect. Your life will never be “perfect” but you can consciously decide to improve every area every day. It’s fine if you don’t think you’re where you’re supposed to be, because at any moment you are exactly where you’re supposed to be. Don’t try to just ignore the negative or the obstacle, don’t dwell on them, acknowledge them and learn from them.

Play life for the long game, not the short one. Many times you will have the opportunity to choose between several options and it’s usually the shiny, short term, instantly gratifying one that attracts us but those have short term benefits that won’t last and will eventually subside. Life’s a game, enjoy it, and play it for the long run.

Take a look at your life. Where would you rate yourself (1–10)(10 being perfect)

- Health
- Wealth
- Career
- Family
- Friends
- Spiritual 
- Mental/Emotions
- Personal Development/Skills
- Time

What would you honestly rate each area ? That will tell you where you need to improve.

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