Applying Chat Bot and Ai to Edu

The chatbot industry as grown in the last few years and companies like Facebook (M) Google (Alpha Go) and Microsoft (Cortana) as showed exciting progress.

During Microsoft Build the cool guys at Microsoft introduced new features of Cortana and report just got in that Facebook will be introducing Chat Bot API for developer’s.

How does AI help improve edu?

The educational sector is lacking behind and struggling to keep up with the growth of technology, everyday a new AI is been designed to help boost productivity and profitability in companies. This swift move as rapidly increased the level of unemployment and will continue to do so.

The educational sector now more than ever needs to start creating great AI software that can help students learn faster and better. We need Machine Learning Algorithms that will be able to take advantage of the various APIs In the market to create great Ai’s that will improve students willingness to learn. AI for education should not be a competition for teachers but should provide teachers with data’s that shows how students learn and help them improve the class room.

Building a great AI that will be able to change the playing field of technology and innovation by boosting the study level of every students.