Adios Ann Coulter’s sanity

My response to Ann Coulter in this video.

1. On the National Enquirer Article: I don’t know who was responsible for it but I do know that Donald Trump and David Pecker are good friends and the NE has attacked Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio and now Ted Cruz but strangely not Trump.

National Enquirer has also endorsed endorsed Trump.

The NE story quoted Roger Stone who used to work for the Trump campaign and is know for doing this sort of thing.

Did it come from Rubio? The NE attacked Rubio in the past and it seems like more evidence points to the Trump camp.

2. There was no Cruz, Rubio, Bush club. Bush is establishment. Rubio is half establishment and half Tea Party. Cruz is the Tea Party candidate.

3. Trump is part of the neo fascist wave that has become popular and has spread throughout Europe. In the U.S., it is known as the alt-right. Trump is winning by far less than 50% in most contests. Most of the candidates know he is leading because he crashed the Republican Party with his followers while all the actual Republicans were splitting their votes between 16 candidates.

4. Michelle Fields was not stopped by the Secret Service even though Trump thought that she had a “pen bomb.” Corey Lewandowski’s job was not to manhandle reporters, it was to manage Trump’s campaign. Fields had bruises and the Jupiter Police decided that there was enough evidence to arrest Lewandowski for battery. I would defer to the police and not Ann Coulter on this on.

5. She keeps saying “our side.” There is no our side. There is the conservatives and the alt-right. Trump is treating the Republican party like a lady of the night to gain more power for himself. The conservatives see it as a vehicle for promoting conservative values. There is no our side.

6. Trump said it was a pen bomb. Coulter said that was a joke. Could we have a heads up on whether all the crazy things he will say in the future are jokes or not?