The conservative attempts to stop Trump

First, it was becoming apparent that Trump’s two leading opponents (Cruz and Rubio) were splitting their votes. So an effort was undertaken to get these two candidates to team up. This did not end up happening and Rubio lost his home state and dropped out. This left Trump and Cruz as the only real contenders left in the race. The race came down to Indiana and Cruz got the endorsement of the Governor of Indiana and Trump got the endorsement of convicted rapist Mike Tyson and the conservative voters of Indiana chose the New York billionaire who was not even a republican four years ago. Ted Cruz dropped out after this for some reason. This left conservatives with only one alternative….John Kasich (who knows why he was still in the race) but he dropped out the next day. The thing about the primaries is that you don’t have to campaign. People can still vote for your name on the ballot even if you are not campaigning. So, the effort was made to convince people to vote for Cruz even though he dropped out. This did not happen. Next, Republican delegate Kendal Unruh started the Free the Delegates movement to get the party to let the delegates vote their conscience. The movement needed delegations from eleven states to vote on rule changes and they got it but the Republican Party was able to convince some states too rethink their petitions somehow. Trump managed to remain the Republican nominee despite his many controversies which included attacking a judge based on his ethnic heritage and attacking the family of a veteran who died in Iraq. Because of this video being leaked, several politicians dropped their support for Trump and Mike Lee even tried to convince him to drop out and let somebody else take over. One place conservatives could look to after the Trump nomination was the Libertarian Party. As a conservative, I could not vote for Gary Johnson but Austin Petersen would have been acceptable as he was a fiscal conservative, pro life, and strong on religious liberty. Gary Johnson won, he was very liberal on the social issues, an isolationist (come on, we all know he is) but fiscally conservative. I could not vote for him. I could not vote for Darrell Castle either as he seemed to be an isolationist and a protectionist. Even though he was fiscally and socially conservative, I could not vote for him. I even considered voting for Hillary Clinton as a way of burning the Republican Party down and starting over without Trump. Then, thankfully there was news of a potential third party conservative challenger. David French of the National Review considered running for president. At least I felt I would have someone to vote for. French decided against a presidential run. Back to the drawing board. There were no conservatives in the race. I thought at one point that I might try and get on the ballot in Michigan just so that I would have someone to vote for. Then America’s Party candidate, Tom Hoefling got on the ballot as a write-in in Michigan. I at least had a conservative candidate that I could vote for. Then it was announced that Evan McMullin was going to be running for president and he was getting a lot more exposure and press than Tom Hoefling. McMullin was even leading in the polls in Utah at one point. I decided to switch my vote to McMullin. It looked as though he might have a chance to win in Utah and keep Trump and Clinton under 270 and throw it into the House. Then this robocall was released to the media and McMullin’s poll numbers dropped. It is slimey enough that I think that Trump was behind it. Trump won the election. It’s over. Or is it? There is one final push to prevent Trump from moving into the White House. There are some democratic electors who are willing to settle on a moderate Republican like John Kasich in hopes that other Republican electors will join them. So far, there are eight of them. Their plan has attracted one Republican elector so far but they need 37 Republican electors to keep both candidates under 270 and throw it into the House. I would like to see it happen even though I don’t like John Kasich. He is much better than Trump though. Would it thwart the will of the people? Well, more people voted for Hillary, their will has already been thwarted. What difference does it make now? After emailing delegates day and night trying to get them not to vote for him, I have become apathetic. I would like to see him stopped but I won’t invest anymore time in trying to stop him. He is like an unstoppable juggernaut that inexplicably ended up in the White House when nobody wanted him there. Whereas Obama’s route to the White House was like a 747 gracefully landing on the runway, Trump’s route has looked more like this.