Trump is Fake News

So Donald Trump’s ego is so big that he wants to tell his supporters that he won the popular vote because Hillary’s lead was from illegal immigrants voting. On the left, they are not anymore mature. A recount is trying to be conducted in three states by a candidate who won 1% of the popular vote. Trump says that the recount is insulting even though his claim that there were over 2 million illegal votes would be grounds for a recount. He is undermining his own election because of his fragile ego. The problem is that people actually believe him. Then there are Orwellian calls by some pundits that the media should be done away with and we should only listen to Trump. This is what someone would say for their cult leader. Sean Hannity in particular has lost his mind and would probably sacrifice himself on a burning altar if Trump asked him to. Of course, what he considers to be credible news outlets is highly questionable and dubious to say the least.