Lostness at the concept of “what is now” could be my state in the universe now, but it isn’t (according to me).

I saw a fight today. A result was blood splattering out of a woman’s head. The punch was quick. 911 was called. No arrests were ever made I know of though. My party listened to a mix of music with no songs older than the year 2000 and discussed the fight before many of us meandered outside to enjoy smoking. The main perpetrator of the fight joined us and, as a whole, we pretended like it was no big thing for her to have just sent another woman to the emergency room over a trivial dispute. She left soon after looking for more to smoke. I’m glad I’m on her good side. I assume no serious physical damage was done.

The universe may be expanding but I don’t feel looser from what I can tell (without perhaps extremely specialized tests which involve feeling what I feel about my body unhumanly). I’m glad I’m in it.

I ate Jack in the Box for breakfast and I have a M & M Mcflurry in the freezer for tomorrow’s. I am and I have been losing weight.

I hope someone reads this and decides to follow. Maybe one day we will meet for coffee or a double date. I like the Starbucks nearest the spot where the ball drops in Times Square. ☺

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