Dr. Andrew Campbell — Military Analyst in Bellevue, NE

Dr. Andrew Campbell works as an analyst for the US Department of Defense and its Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction team. He works with a team of analysts and intelligence experts to help military commanders make decisions about Join Operations in the field in places all over the world. Dr. Campbell has seen many military situations and wars break out over ideological differences and socio-political inequities. As a result, human rights violations occur. His passion is how to bring peace and reconciliation into a post conflict environment, rebuilding political, legal and economic institutions. Human right and civil rights are a personal interest of his.

Andrew Campbell Bellevue Ne

In May 2016, he completed work on a Doctorate of Global Leadership, which he received from Indiana Technical University in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He also contributed a chapter to a forthcoming book called Promoting Global Peace and Civic Engagement through Education. His contribution, “Leadership Education within Transitional Justice Instruments,” describes leadership as more than a means of executing transitional justice, which is a system of redressing human rights abuses. Leadership is also described as “a strategic enabler within the transitional justice and peace building discipline.”

Scholars, Dr. Andrew Campbell writes, “claim that the global environment is characterized by the complexity of regional instability, failed states, state corruption, irregular conflict, and global terrorism that requires greater leadership to mitigate and resolve interstate or intrastate conflict.” Administrators of transitional justice must therefore be able to “conduct operations in a complex environment that includes a mixture of military, cultural, ideological, economic, and governance dynamics.”

Andrew Campbell Bellevue Ne earned his commission into the Army as a Transportation and Quartermaster officer through the ROTC at Emporia State University, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Vocational Education.