Enlte to launch Blockchain-based email system?

Andrew Casey
Apr 17 · 2 min read

I am one of the first users of the blockchain based social network engine enlte. I love the concept of the engine and would love to see enlte doing good in future. However i just noticed the CEO talking about blockchain based email system and a website registered on bchain.email by enlte.

Is this the next thing on enlte blockchain

What do you all think about the blockchain based email system?

According to me right now emails are not secured at all, there is been lots of data breaching in the past, and this can't be stopped without the help of blockchain.

There are more than 3 billion email users and Blockchain offers them a new email platforms the ability to grow without a third party in the middle extracting all the value, or harvesting personal data.

Despite the apparent value of a blockchain-based email platform, relatively few projects exist in this market.

1.John McAfee SwiftMail-: a private messaging service founded by John McAfee, according to the project’s website. But in this, you can only exchange messages with other SwiftMail accounts.

2.CryptaMail-: which does appear to be a true email service. It’s currently in beta.

3.Proemtheus-: which offers email services built on the blockchain. The company also appears to be building a larger decentralized platform on which cloud storage and other online applications can be run.

And right now I can see that a domain named bchain.email is bought by Enlte {A decentralised socio net} I guess they are also working with their team on blockchain based email system.

I think there is a need to decentralised this email system to protect users from this data breaching.

All the very best to these companies who are trying their best to make this happen, hope all of you get success towards your goals.

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