Are planets and stars alive?

Imagine looking at the sun, earth, solar system and galaxies around us and that you can see them all moving, acting and existing over a span of millions of years. It’s hard for humans to comprehend this type of existence because its difficult right now to see that existence over a long span of time.

The sun for example is billions of years old, so when we look at something like the sun, it doesn’t look very alive to us, but in a very different type of existence, it is moving and more importantly existing.

So why do things exist then?

Yes, there are scientific reasons to explain this but what I mean is why are there stars and galaxies. Why do they do the things they do everyday? Why do they care? I compare a life of a human to that of a star or planet. It’s easy to forget that we breath oxygen every second of the day without noticing it. Or that we get a feeling to eat food, feel sleepy or drink water when we are thirsty.

A planet or star is not much different in these kinds of habits. The earth for example in simple terms, will do things like create ice ages, severe storms, or warm periods, due to its insides reacting. The earth also follows around the sun without even ‘thinking’. In a way, you can look at the earth and see that its ‘alive’ in a weird and different type of existence. It’s a different type of existence, but an existence nevertheless.

Everything around us is alive in its own way. It might not be the same existence that we have, but it is an existence. And our answer to extraterrestrial life could be within the very planets and stars around us that are existing, but not in the way we might be looking for.

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