Orange Glow

Imagine being on a beach at dusk right now with a warm wind coming off the ocean on some rocky coast you’ve never been to before. Imagine hearing the waves and distant weird accents and the smell of the salty air. Imagine not staring at your phone for eight hours a day. Imagine traveling and being scared and meeting strangers and having surprises and epiphanies like Jack and Earnest and Henry and a million kids did before. Head west until the ocean stops you. Imagine staring at nothing but a typewriter or battered guitar for hours just trying to find the next word or chord. Imagine lying back in the gloaming and watching the stars multiply before your eyes. No distractions. No electronic light. Imagine the sun’s orange glow over the water at dawn. Imagine your heart beating in your ears when you see someone you love for the first time. Real light. Real eyes, looking back at yours.