A digital news reader’s bill of rights
Andrew Dunn

Journalists have long had the bad habit of holding readers in contempt

Your opening assumption, why should I accept that claim about the world? Sure there’s some awful things in the name journalism, eg the U.K. phone hacking scandal, and trashy Hollywood gossip painted as journalism. You can claim journalism fails us in science reporting and stupidly presents balance on things like “climate change”, when there is no “balance”, it’s just evidence based fact like evolution. HOWEVER, that jus main stream journalism, there is science journalism, the science magazines get it right.

So how about we be more selective about what publications and who’s articles we read, which should prevent us from reading anything that starts with a sentence like yours.

Got me with your headline, lost me with the opening sentence. See, I’m the perfect ‘flakey’ reader !! hehe

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