I Don’t Want to be like Jack Dorsey

Saying goodbye to the Chasing Entrepreneurship brand.

Yes, he built two amazing startups into tech giants — Twitter and Square. I have an intimate relationship with Twitter and use Square in all of my businesses, but they’re stagnating. We all know about the intense criticism Twitter has been reciving lately and (unfortuantely for me) their stock price has been plummeting.

My hypothesis is that Jack is too divided attempting to run both Twitter and Square as a dual CEO. How can you successfully devote your time, life, and values into a company, as its leader, if you only spend half of your time doing so? I’ve realized this problem through my own experience.

That is why I’m shutting down Chasing Entrepreneurship.

This was a superbly difficult decison to make. I’ve built up the Chasing Entrepreneurship brand over three years, doing everything from designing graphics to crafting interviews with other entrepreneurs. It has been one hell of a ride. Thank you to everyone that has supported me along the way. However, I’ll still be creating entrepreneurial content — it will now just be published through my Medium profile.

As I develop project after project, I’ve started realizing that once they hit a plateau state, stagnation starts to kick in. I’m not afraid of much, but STAGNATION is one thing that seriously freaks me out. I need to keep adventuring, exploring the the world! I can’t do that if I, or my projects, stagnate. That also means these projects are not able to live up to their full potential and end up lacking creativity. I’m not one for letting some blob of triteness exist without reason.

I have made this decision so I can focus my adventurous energies on what I love, building the startup in California and creating absurd videos. Don't worry, all of the Chasing Entrepreneurship content will still be avilable through my Medium channel. I’ll also still be helping entrepreneurs share their stories through my series “An Interview with Andrew”. Stay tuned.

My interests are exponetial. When I see a cool opportunity, I jump at it. While this is by no means a bad thing, I’ve realized I need to have laser-focused passion with a sense experiential enthusiasm. This simply means spending 80% of my time on my passions and 20% of my time on random projects I find fascinating. This translates into a full investment in my startup and video production (unlike Jack’s half and half approach). Honestly, I’m extremely excited.

I firmly believe that if Jack would step down as CEO of one of his companies (he can still remain on the board) to focus on the other, both would be better off. Twitter would be injected with so much more innovation if he did this! THAT IS WHAT I WANT! I seriously love Twitter. It just really needs some creative TLC.

Keep following for interesting and inspirational entrepreneurial content. I’ll never give up on that passion. Now, you’ll just see that stuff in more of a video style format. Hope you tag along. RIP Chasing Entrepreneurship. Much love.