I Think I Want to Marry You

From vlogger to videographer, Andrew is my name and video is my game.

Vlogging has been my life for the past year and what a wild ride it’s been! I meet legendary people, get made fun of in public for talking to my camera, and produce some awesome videos with insane turn-arounds. This is all to say that I love making videos, my YouTube channel proves it: https://www.youtube.com/c/andrewchwalik

I’m taking my talents to weddings.

A friend asked me to shoot her wedding since she knew I did “video stuff” so I said why not? After watching an absurd amount of wedding videos online and beefing up my camera gear, I gave it a shot and have been hooked ever since. There’s just something magical about creating a video that will help a couple relive one of their happiest moments.

In need of an affordable, quick, and strapping videographer for your wedding? Scope out my videos below and reach out if you like my style!