SCOREing You a Business

Starting your own business can be a daunting task — but it’s worth it, trust me. Too many potential entrepreneurs begin the process of developing an idea, but never end up implementing! SCORE can help make your business idea a reality. FOR FREE.

SCORE is a network of current and retired business professionals from every sector that you can imagine, offering FREE guidance in business development! We have individuals from the areas of tax, technology, marketing, management, and even someone who knows about catfish reproduction (I’m not really sure why). I’m a volunteer myself, helping you develop a solid brand and share your value proposition — putting my Walsh University marketing degree to good use. Did I mention all of this mentorship is FREE? Check out this invaluable resource here. Hit me up on Twitter if you want more information!

My lastest Two Cents episode gives a brief introduction to SCORE and explains why NOW is a great time to kickoff your business. Check it out.