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Being locked in a flying metal object with 200 strangers 38,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean really gives you time to reflect on your life trajectory. Currently, I’m on my way to London for a hackathon called the Startup Bus UK before spending a year in Ireland for graduate school. Don’t worry, Retie, The First Rendezvous, and Instinct Identity (I’ll tell you about this in my next post) will carry on! Plus, this will add a fun twist to my entrepreneurial journey.

Here’s how I get around. ☝🏼️

I’m subscribed to various entrepreneurship blogs by millennial authors and I’ve come to a realization. Entrepreneurship is not just a hobby or a career, it is a lifestyle. Sure, some people choose to start a small business after their traditional nine to five, that’s great! All the more power to you. However, the dominant majority of millennial entrepreneurs LIVE their businesses. They create business structures that enable time for world travel, family outings, community events, and any other activity their heart can dream up. How awesome is that? Being able to travel to France for a family vacation at the drop of a hat while still running their business is a pretty valuable benefit, if you ask me. I’m having a small taste of that by moving to Ireland for a year.

This is all to say, think about starting your own entrepreneurial venture! Want more family time? The ability to travel? More vacation days? I’m not saying it’s the easier road. It’s not. But if you want to follow your passion and look forward to working (whenever and wherever you choose), then get to it. I’ll be ready to help in any way I can.

Something Cool: From now on, this section will always be at the bottom of my blog post. I’ll toss you an interesting nugget of knowledge at you. Be ready.

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