Interview With Exeter Phoenix marketing department.

relationship with photographers —

Music events main photographically, met through blogs / music muso Twets etc live reviews and events , reviews

Writers locally comes along, reviews it and brings photographer with them, in return the photographer sends along images

Bloggers (muso) got in touch, they wanted to build up themselves and created a working partnership, behind the scenes access,

Partner up with a blog specialising in dance? reviews from local newspapers journals

Exhibit gallery spaces — contemporary art — photography art mix curator, 6 a year exhibitions. Curator hand picks the space cant apply directly for the main space, walkway gallery for the local community projects , cafe bar gallery south west based artists, can apply through opportunities application but no guarentee , loads of applications all south west based

Art charity no real budget, showcase budgets so not often, no in house photographer, big outdoor cinema event, Matt Austin? Local Resident,

Past Events —

Can see what sort of stuff the curator likes?

Not much photography, mostly contemporary art

Vision of what the gallery is for — Sculpture and visiual arts,

Social media, art mailing list — publicity, AD if they can afford but charity, existing audiences, huge posters up. Self promotion too

Suggestions — Limited budget — really really want more photography. People she knows will be good quality, reliable, Come in and volunteer? Prove yourself, if they like the work it could be used for marketing at a later stage.

Glorious art house exhibitions at Cafe’s?

Meeting people, Useful contacts, dance companies them selves

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