Lois Greenfield


Lois Greenfield is an American Dance Photographer who has been practicing for 40 years, and one of her main areas within dance is Ballet. The above link is to an image which seems like an oil painting with such beautiful rich colours and tones. It is amazing and fascinating to look at these images, with the leaves falling creating a downward slow movement, yet the female dancer pushing up against it and embracing it with her body position and pose.

Greenfield has also been commisioned to do a lot of works (http://www.loisgreenfield.com/commercial-work/sohat) and adverts, for various different companies showcasing their work. Photographs act as a brilliant way of showing both the dancers skills and promoting themselves, and also from the range of different countries Greenfield has worked in, it is clear that she has built a global reputation.

Greenfield is also quite intereactive producing podcasts and videos, and has a very interesting Artist Statement and Bio. She has been honoured with many awards within the dance community. Greenfield is very interested in capturing movement, preferring to create and pluck out instants and try to capture them in what she describes as a ‘High Risk’ way of photographing.