Growing Forward Capital Campaign — Announcement and First Fruits Sunday

Today is the culmination of months of hard work and passion for our ministry. We are celebrating the accomplishments of our Growing Forward Capital Campaign and taking the first step of moving into the three-year giving period.

First Fruits Sunday

Today, we are receiving our First Fruits offering.

Following the example of the Israelites who brought the first fruit of the harvest to the Temple as an expression of gratitude to God, we are inviting people to give their first gift to be applied towards their commitment through a First Fruit offering. Those who are not able to make a commitment at this time may also make a special gift toward the campaign. If you received a “First Fruit Offering” envelope in the mail this week, we invite you to place it in the offering plate today. If you did not receive an envelope and would like to make a special gift toward this campaign, please use the envelopes in the pew in front of you and write “Growing Forward” on the outside. We will announce the results of our First Fruits offering next Sunday — June 12.

Over the next three years we will keep you up to date on the progress of your individual giving as well as our giving as a congregation.


Today, I am excited to announce today the amount of commitments that we have received for our Growing Forward Capital Campaign. It is an incredible success.

  • Our commitments are within the range of the feasibility study completed by Horizons Stewardship this winter.
  • We have received 84 commitments which is 76% of the total number of commitments for our annual operating budget.
  • The dollar amount committed is 1.75 times the amount committed to our annual operating budget.

These numbers place our Growing Forward campaign among the most successful capital campaigns for projects like ours and churches of our size.

Through June 3, 2016, we have received 84 three-year giving commitments which total $491,109.04.

Next Steps

In the days ahead our Building Committee, Finance Committee and Church Council will consider:

  • the total dollar amount committed to our campaign, including any commitments which have not yet been received,
  • the dollar amount that is received as part of our First Fruits offering, and
  • explore the possibility of financing for our building project.

Considering all of these factors, our Church Council will bring a recommendation for the scope of work which will be voted on by the entire congregation at an all church conference later this year.

Closing Comments

This is the most successful capital campaign in this congregation in over 90 years when this building was constructed and dedicated.

I am so proud to be your preacher.

We will modernize our electrical infrastructure to ensure the safety of those that use our building, protect against the possibility of fire and create the opportunity for future electrical upgrades throughout the building.

We will renovate our sanctuary to ensure that this congregation will continue to have a gathering place for worship that is sacred, welcoming and proclaims the gospel.

In this generation, we are building on the legacy of those who have come before us to ensure that our congregation will be able to welcome all people of future generations and share the good news of Jesus Christ for years to come.

We are growing church, growing family, moving forward.