What Is Mister Dolphin?

That’s a good question, but a better question would be: “Who is Mister Dolphin?”

Mister Dolphin is a concept.

Mister Dolphin is the answer to every question that can’t be answered, he’s brilliant, he’s cunning, witty, and extremely intelligent.

“So then what’s really the point of this site?” — You may ask…

There are three stages to the site that will be developed over the course of 2017. So far, stage one is the only one in the works so far.

“Okay, okay, okay, how do I get to this site, what’s the url?”

Well, there is no url yet, actually the domain isn’t even registered yet so for all I know someone might already have it reserved. If that’s the case maybe we’ll go with a .io or a .xyz I’m not entirely sure yet.

“You still haven’t explained what the site is / does!”

Stage One — Talkback

You ask Mister Dolphin questions and he’ll answer you back. Kind of like one of those fancy virtual assistants except Mister Dolphin only speaks with his native tongue.

“How am I supposed to understand his answers? Wtf”

I’m so sorry, but that’s not really my problem is it? Are you trying to say it’s my fault you don’t speak the native Dolphin tongue? Even if you did, Mister Dolphin is so intelligent you probably wouldn’t even understand him.

Final Thoughts

Yeah, so maybe one day I’ll register an actual domain for this. It might turn into something, it might not. I really can’t say yet. I like the colour pallet I’ve chosen, I love the buttery curves of Regina Black and of course… Mister Dolphin.

For now I guess you can just look at these rough digital mockups I made in Adobe XD. This was the first little test project I worked on while the app was / is in beta. I’m thinking of planning out the layout more thoroughly in a wireframe and then remaking the mockups in Sketch & Marvel.


~ Andy 🌴