October 22nd 2016

By one of the many, but probably less punctual, Andrew Currie’s of this world.

Today I am grateful for:

1. Being invited: you know those times when you want to do something but you can’t be bothered organizing anything. Maybe there have been times when your friends did something but thought you’d have something else on or wouldn’t be interested. Either of these options could be true, but it’s nice to be invited nonetheless. Today I had three such invitations. It’s great to feel that your presence is valued.

2. Forgiveness for lateness: so if you get invited somewhere with friends it is only polite to show up on time. However, apparently here in Ecuador (let’s be honest, punctuality has never been my strongest attribute) I can’t be on time to anything but the classes I teach. How sweet it is to have forgiving friends and an amusing, as well as highly charged, conversation about ecuatime… it’s a thing people!

3. Not having to start the conversation: for those of you that don’t know I’m currently playing a game with myself. The goal is to meet a person a day and the rules are outlined here

I have met some amazing people and had some conversations that I probably would never have had if I had not been playing this game. I love it! However, at times I feel like I have to force the conversation. Tonight, while waiting for the Ecovia at 1:30 am (behavior that is very much not recommended by my program staff) Jose, from an Ecuadorian/Colombian border town, started chatting to me. He’d had a long day installing cable TV before hitting la mariscal for a few beers while listening to his favourite type of music at Rock bar with a few of his mates.

I relished the opportunity to speak entirely in Spanish as we watched a younger man regurgitating his hard earned money before jumping on the Ecovia together. (2 points/total 438)

Yours gratefully,


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