Gratefulness: day 13

The number thirteen can be unlucky for some. But…

Today I am grateful for:

1. My Spanish teacher postponing class.

This meant that my morning was much less stressful. I was tried to pack too much into my weekend, which had a flow on effect to today. Therefore, rolling over to see an email from the leyenda made my morning.

2. Affirmation that I am doing the best I can for my students.

One of the many things I crammed into my day today was a debrief with the assistant field director about a lesson I taught on Friday.

The feedback that I was given affirmed that the strategies I am using to develop my students abilities in English are well grounded in theory and being implemented in ways that can best improve their knowledge.

He was also genuinely interested in what I had to say and my general wellbeing which made me feel like an important part of the team.

3. The taste of freshly baked pastry.

Before we sat down to debrief, I got to peruse a selection of delicious baked goods at our cafe of choice, Skull Doughnuts. I wanted something different today, however there was sooooo much to choose from. Mercedes, the Quiteña working her butt off refilling the shelves after a steady stream of people had been coming in to relieve her of the goods, recommended her favorite, the mochaccino doughnut. However, a gap in the display caught my eye as it was being refilled with produce fresh from the oven. The freshly baked “empanada de manzana” melted in my mouth with a taste I can only describe as divine. On the way out I promised Mercedes that I would try her favourite next time and she said

I hope you do Andrés

(Solo Español = 3 points/total 203 points)

Points? WTF? Check out the explanation here

Not an unlucky day. Loving life :)

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